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  1. OK, thanks Matt, we trust you, you've done or excellent job. Since I signed up for the next challenge
  2. I agree with Ventfollet, and Zair, the best option would have been a jury. I also think it's terrible and also a public vote, not if it proved necessary to be registered to vote. I think this way, the vote will not be clear and objective On the other Matt, I said, WIP, all participants excellent.
  3. I also thought it was a good initiative, with these proposals one can learn a lot and have fun. Hopefully soon again. I'm happy with the results my work, I think that is important, but cost me quite find my inspiration for the challenge. There are excellent entries, and certainly for the next challenge there will be many more, Matt, I congratulate you on the seriousness and organization. And the participants, congratulations for his work
  4. This is the first time participating in this forum, and it is very important and people working in high level, so thanks for your comments Silver and JLéandre.
  5. Newke, your image is wonderful, the atmosphere you've created, is very good. I liked it since its inception.
  6. Sorry, in my delivery I forgot to translate the message Good luck to all, all jobs are very good !!!!!!!!
  7. Thanks Tatas and projects, I'm glad you like it !!!!!!!!
  8. a todos, aca mi imagen final. Les deso mucha suerte a todos, todos los trabajos son muy buenos. Marina http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/1189/springatthestationhdmar.jpg
  9. Luis, your image is beautiful .. I congratulate you !!!!!!!!!! excellent work as always !!!!!
  10. Here is the update !!!!!!!!! http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/4274/72403283.jpg
  11. Thanks Luis, The petals are my first idea, only I will be at the end, I'm adjusting other details. Also the ambient occlusion. The truth is I thought he was getting of the time, so I'm working with great speed to get to finish elproyecto. I think the most important of these activities is to participate to learn, practice and let fly the imagination, that's my goal. Upload an update here again, no postproduction. http://img522.imageshack.us/img522/4274/72403283.jpg
  12. Ventfollet, Thanks for your advice, what happened is that it was like closing the first idea, and it already had some time to complete. I hope not to be late due to schedule change, I do not err, as has happened to me before. Is not that why I can not upload more images, not allowing me the ... I wanted to climb the last update before the final, if anyone can help me
  13. Here, work small update. I'm still not convinced with the cherry tree ... you do you think??
  14. Thanks,Desing, I have to continue working on the vegetation, I'm still not convinced!! but I like the idea
  15. Hello everyone good, with little time to complete and plenty to do. Upload an update, I changed the view. I think that I like much more .... you think. The tree in the foreground I think it is correct or is missing a lot of work, I'll have to model one as I imagine ... Greetings and good luck to all.
  16. Encata me as this being your work is very sophisticated both the environment and the view
  17. Hi Yola .... well ... I like your second to last picture. I think it's the best. I do not think I'll get there in time ... I wish you luck !!!!!!!!! Cheers Marina
  18. Newke, thank you very much for the explanation, I'll do an internship to see if I can do !!!!!! Your job seems good ... I hope good luck.
  19. Newke, the interior is wonderful, has created a very special atmosphere. The pass of fog, believe with vray?
  20. Hi all Here, another update ... I'm still not decided by the views, is a more flat so wonderful that it is difficult to decide. The next thing is to stick with the vegetation ... I think there is plenty to do. Thanks Proyecta3d and Tatas, for their comments
  21. Thanks Hybrido, is an idea I have since I saw the model ... It look like a spring.
  22. Here I give you an idea of what I like to do !!!!!!!! I would like to give me their opinions Greetings
  23. Hello everyone. What a great model to work, it's beautiful. I have many ideas. But also, I have a query The image must necessarily be located in the city? or you can choose to experience a different environment? Luckily for all
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