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  1. I would consider to incorparate slight dof (for those shrubs in front to be straight open). It would give You more depth. It looks old type photography, but You don't have any flaws of that.. I mean simle Vigneting would give You bit more efffect on that BnW photography. Plust vertical shift is anoing, but maybe jsut for me =) Tilt shift lenses were on the market at that time. Keep up =)
  2. rendertimes are really tempting, to say at least =) once i've seen a guy that was working on this kind of pipe with interior stuff. I could not imagine how he get 1600x1200 in few minutes it was crazy, then someone in evermotion appered.. =) afterwards for quite some time i haven't heard 'bout that ..till now. thanks for reminding some good stuff =) i'll keep an eye on You here. Best luck! tom
  3. what about rendertimes versus Your hardware you get on this type of 'performance'. I just assume it's more difficult to act like this, rather than to point a light and push render for GI calculation, but on the long run You have much more flexibility. Hopefully You'll manage to turn it to a favour of Yours and finish this contest with great piece of art =) Realy interesting stuff! tom
  4. and that was really nice! there's a far corner in the right of your image, that is fading in a way that distracts a bit, but apart from that..it's tasty. The whole image doesn't look GI'less. Could You point a bit 'bout Your technique. Are You using and AO pass to trick the eye? any break down? =) amazing stuff so far. keep goin' tom
  5. Nice Start. Just a thought. It should be quite cold in that cabrio (if You are going to make winter time with snow around..)
  6. from one contest to the other =) Nice progress. Looking forward for one more interesting shot from You!
  7. this is one of my favourite thread =) keep going!
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