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  1. Go to Vray options O > System > Dinamic memory limitations > delete 500, put the 4000, or little bit less. Try.
  2. Thank you for advice. I get it in my mind when I take a final renderings, for now, it is just prewiev experiment with styles, colours etc. About long star: Yes it is, my friend said too, but I am in learning process to After Effects and I am amateur cause I have to use a Movi maker with restricted offer in tools. Thank you wrote the comment, it always means a lot. Kind Regards.
  3. Hi CG People, Please, take a look at my showreel from fast few days experimenting in Vray. All comments are welcome. Thank you in advance. Follow the link at Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/52602117
  4. I stay speachless. Respect from any aspect, architectural and digital
  5. You can see more pics here https://www.elance.com/samples/starch/55006093/ and here https://www.elance.com/samples/nordic-house-kitchen-dinner/54751379/?setid=1888659
  6. Thank You, sir It means lot to me to hear nice comments. The Models are done in SketchUp 8 and rendered in Vray 1.49 with in. Now I am testing myself to convert my object to 3ds max cause I like their proxy and fur and many lugins in 3ds. Some objects are done in max especially those I have to use Displacement and than convert to mesh, I like that method. I am actually in progress with Max, and It works fine, so similar things in every 3d software. I use Maya earlier, but offices especially architectural want models done in max, in my case, and I decide to try it. For now, I like it . Enviroment are postproduced in Adobe my love Photoshop That is all. If enybody need spetial details about setings or material seting, lets contact me here or @ mail inbox
  7. PS Or you can see it on may fb wall. http://www.facebook.com/stevotyelaap
  8. Oh sorry, I don't know what the probmlem is but this is a link to the one image in album, please take a lok next to the slide arrows http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=4617589648622&set=a.2626900882647.2141159.1559066240&type=3&theater. Thank you for notice, I hope it works now.
  9. Hi everyone, I am new here and I try to share my projects in progress with you, what will be update to my web site. The site will be realized soon. Comments are welcome. I'll appreciate all constructive advices. So take look at my preview tests, please, renderings and models are made in SketchUp 8, 3dsMax and post produced in Adobe CS Photoshop PLEASE, TAKE LOOK THE NEXT IMAGES IN ALBUM, in facebook album posted. If enybody doesn't use this sotial network, I'll update all images here. Thank you all in advance, CG people. PUBLIC LINK: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2626900882647.2141159.1559066240&type=3
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