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Nicolas Caplat

VRay 3.4 is out !

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Merci pour les infos Thom.....C'est intéressant. Je pensais que cela pouvait être approprié, dans certains cas, de n'opérer que sur un élément exclusif (Gi, refraction, reflexion....etc...)  


Denoiser, se traduirait assez simplement par "virer ce putain de grain"...;)

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Build 3.40.02 (official) (14 June 2016)

Modified features:
(*) VRayDenoiser: Prevent the denoiser render elements from saving as separate files;
(*) VRayOSLMtl/VRayOSLTex: Speed up texture sampling;
(*) vdenoise.exe: Add "-abortOnOpenCLError" to stop hardware accelerated denoising on errors;
(*) vdenoise.exe: Add "-frames" option that allows to specify the frames to process;
(*) vdenoise.exe: Add "-verboseLevel" option;

Bug fixes:
(*) V-Ray: Materials with self-illumination enabled render incorrectly when light cache is secondary GI engine;
(*) V-Ray: Fixed problems with light cache "Store direct light" when using IR+LC after V-Ray 3.40.01;
(*) V-Ray RT: "Elements active" option in Render Elements tab is not working;
(*) VRay RT GPU: Fireflies appear on scene with VRayFastSSS2;
(*) VRay RT GPU: Highlight glossiness still renders when Trace reflections option is disabled;
(*) VFB: Clicking on the white area of the scroll bar in the color corrections window scrolls by just one pixel;
(*) VFB: Image messes up when scrolling in the window;
(*) VFB: Toolbar icons are not stretched over the entire buttons when screen dpi is changed;
(*) VRayDenoiser: Denoising artifact appears on images with fireflies;
(*) VRayDenoiser: Hardware accelerated denoiser messes up the progress bar during progressive rendering;
(*) VRayDenoiser: Returns black result on some computers when hardware accelerated;
(*) VRayGLSLMtl/VRayGLSLTex: The __color keyword is not respected;
(*) VRayGLSLMtl/VRayGLSLTex: Bool uniforms with initializers get random values;
(*) VRayHDRI: Lag when switching between Shaded and Wireframe viewport modes;
(*) VRayOSLMtl/VRayOSLTex: Empty texmap inputs lead to input parameters after them to be skipped;
(*) VRayStereoscopic: Fixed artifacts in the render;
(*) VRayTriplanarTex: Crash when connected to a bump slot and has VRayNormalMap;
(*) vdenoise.exe: Doesn't work with network paths for input files;

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Bonjour à tous !


Vous en savez plus sur l'outil denoiser tool ?

Il permet de faire quoi, etc... ?


Merci ;)

C'est le denoiser en standalone. Lele a d'ailleurs réalisé un script pour en simplifier l'utilisation (ligne de commande ...).

Tu as un thread à ce sujet sur les forums Chaos Group.

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