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  1. some different angles and sun... more close ups...low res of course
  2. thanx for the commenta. i know about the repetition, and i'm changing it.i'm modeling a new envi similar to that already along with some more detailing!!
  3. hello guys, started to make some more texture detailing on the main building. will come up with more soon as i decide a little bit about the general mood. C&C are for sure welcome!!!
  4. i made a small update during those days.changed my mood too something more rainy...working on some faults i saw on the render...and coming up with more and more
  5. hi there, small progress here.i was working on different ideas for materials on the main building.coming soon more details.
  6. i'm back with some basic concept on my mind. i'm thinking of making something paris-look style.kind of evening autumn look.right now i'm placing some rough model ideas just to settle my thoughts around!
  7. hi gyus, time for some render comps again i see. working and soon with some basic concept to come tom
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