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  1. Hi annkos. Great update. It is looking realy nice. This brick is much better. I think that you should mix some materials on building. Maybe you could try to use concrete texture on plinth. Also try to put some dirt on that brick. Best wishes.
  2. Hi annkos. Realy great start. Don't be mad on me but I would like to give you some advices. In my opinion you should work with texture of main building. This brick is looking like some kind of bricked castle. I think that you could use red brick, maybe more like old Austrian brick. In my country there are lots of buildings in this type. Also your brick is looking too big. But of course these is only my opinion. In here I would like to show some examples of buildings which I was talking about. Good luck my friend. I hope that my post will help you a little bit. Waiting for any kind of progress Best wishes.
  3. Hello annkos. Good luck. I will follow your thread in here Keep posting. Best wishes.
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