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  1. yes Miguel.. I miss the skeleton and even spiders and even had the temptation to place remember? .. but I held back the temptation ... greetings
  2. Precioso Marina...me encanto el ambiente...
  3. Good afternoon, here is my final image Title: Fall time Thank the organizers
  4. hello friends, trying textruas on the train, I would like your comments, thanks
  5. Hi Marina .. thanks for commenting, what a shame you can not deliver because I like your project be careful ... Cheers
  6. newke thanks for your comments, and of course I'll go those comments that you said to me, even missing some adjustments and I hope to carry with your comments, thanks again
  7. hello friends refining environment ...
  8. Hi all Here, another update ..
  9. hello friends, thanking the organizers of the contest the possibility to compete, the idea of my project is set in a town that was left in the past, abandoned to their fate, where the railway station and people are surprised when a wagon passes modern in their ways, with this I intend to get the contrast of past and present
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