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  1. Hej, How long the voting period goes? Thanks
  2. Here is direct link to the highres image: http://www.imgnook.com/4FTo.jpg
  3. here is my final in fullres http://www.mediafire.com/?o62s8dka1y4u333 and here is at 1400x672 for the forum. Good luck to everybody!
  4. Hej, Thanks. All the old photo effect will be done in PS post only on the last image. Well, I will think on the vertical shift. The dof will be in it too. I am still putting lot of stuff in it, people, objects etc.
  5. update: A little step back and some steps forward. I changed the light setup a bit and also the composition. Bricks now displaced. There will be slightly more sunlight.
  6. Rendertime is 6 minutes at this resolution. The smoke calculation takes most of it I guess. In rendertime, traditional lighting even with AO is unbeatable. The Hardware is phenom II AMD 905e running on 3.3ghz. One of the best buy I ever got, it low power consuming and fast enough. However tommorow I will have a new 6 core beast, the Phenom II 1090T, then rendertime will become around 3 minutes. The technique is very simple, but it is true the setup usually takes more time, but it is also much more flexible. I am big fun of GI but it is still very slow.
  7. Hej, Yes, I am using AO pass as well. The technik is basically two point light setup. One directional light with area shadow and some other ambient only lights with sepcific far attentuation for the GI effect. If I wasnt using AO, then I would have to create some other lights for shadowing. There is smoke behind and above the building to simulate the old trains "smoking". This smoke creates that strange looking banding on right. There will be people there and some more "excitment" that it will look more interesting, and hopefully the banding could be a valuable part of the "play".
  8. another update, slowly the building textures are in place.
  9. Hej, Thanks Here is a little update. Since I will display the Train Station at the 1930's I decided to have the whole thing black and white. Maybe on the end I will add little sepia tone. Will see.
  10. Hej Guys, Here is my first image after two days playing with it. It is lit by traditional light setup, there is no gi. Good Luck to everybody!
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