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  1. This is a different and very artistic proposition. Good job my friend, I like the concept.
  2. You have a rendering here with a lot of work. I've been following your wip and is really good. The overall image looks impressive.
  3. Nice image, very inspiring. Like the details and the floor is really cool.
  4. well done and very original, looks like a real old photo. I like the cars too.
  5. This is my final image, good luck to everybody and thanks to Matt for this great challenge!. Because I'm having problem uploading the image to the forum I'm showing a low resolution image here and you can download the High resolution image from this link http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6204784/Morning.jpg. Matt if I'm doing something wrong let me know because I don't know how to post my final image here. Thanks
  6. It's really hard to make a realistic winter scene, but you have here a wonderful image. I like the environment, very well acomplished.
  7. I like the tree, maybe you need a little bit occlusion with the petals on the floor, some of them looks like floating. Nice image and the view looks awesome.
  8. Very good job with your rendering. I like the sentation of abandoned building.
  9. This is almost the final image, much smaller than the final rendering. I'll be doing more little re-touchings tomorrow and I think it will be done. Nice challenge and good luck to all the participants!. PD. I don't know why I can upload more images
  10. Here are some images of my working progress. In a couple of days I will upload my final image.
  11. I like your entry. We had the same idea about making a retro scene, good luck!
  12. Very original idea. Good luck with your work my friend.
  13. Thanks for your kind words. This is my first wireframe to show the scene. The Station is in the front with buildings to both sides. The empty space you see now just in front of the station will be a small park for the station entrance. I will model 2 or 3 different cars (1920's models), without too many details because of the time and I will put it going around of the buildings and far enough to save work in details. I will post more details of the pieces coming soon.
  14. Thanks Matt. From the beginning I was relating this building with an old street. Then I did a research and I found this station was open to public in 1911 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gare_du_Sud. In a few days I will start putting my wip images, I'm going to simulate a 1920's street with the station as the center piece surrounded by buildings, a dead rail train in the middle of the street (I don't know yet about this), cars and details from that time. I wish everything will look like I'm imaging right now and I hope to have enough time to finish it.
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