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  1. Hi all, Astridhof Residence is situated in beautiful wooded surroundings in Belgium. The design and positioning of the building is fully focused on the south-western open space. The building nestles as it were, against the tall trees line. The building forms a continuous integral with a slight bend that is based on the shape of the terrain. Due to the short side to bordering the beech lane creates a clear interaction between the two with respect to the historical drove. Architects: VEELAERT ARCHITECTEN Software used: Max2014, Vray, Forest Pack Pro, Railclone, MightyTiles and PS
  2. Thx Matt, merry xmas to you:))
  3. An old scene modified for Christmas. Done with 3d studio max 2014, Vray 2.40 and ForestPack.(carpet) wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Enjoy your holidays.
  4. HIhi Roland, thx appreciate it mate!!!
  5. Hi, in this case i only used VraySky-sun. Cheers -)
  6. Belgian Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects‘ project Villa Roces in Bruges (Belgium) was awarded as the “Leaf Award 2012” Residential Building of the Year (single occupancy)” I was so overwelmed by this minimal design residence that I decided to model this house in 3d. software 3ds max 2013, Vray 2.30, Forest Pack Pro, Photoshop
  7. Hi all, Sorry for the delay here, had some problems to reply on this thread -) First of all I wanna thank you for the replies. At some points you are all absolutly wright, about the glass and the roof. As this little project was done in 48 hours I really could't focus on the details. Qoute from Matt;"You should have a look to the VrayColor2Bump node":absolutely right Matt, but I asked Chaosgroup if this tool already exist for max 2013, cause it's only available for 2012 version, as for today I haven't received any answer yet. As an answer to raistlin about the vegatation: This project was made with FP pro, the models for the bushes and trees are from my library, and i really can't say where i find or bought them. So thx again for the replies!, cheers!! -)
  8. Building renovation in the centre of Bruges. 3d max 2013, Vra&y 2.30, Photoshop All cc welcome!! vizcon3d @Vizcon3d
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