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Nicolas Caplat

Vray 3.50.03 is out !

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New features:
(*) V-Ray: Add VRayRawDiffuseFilter, VRayRawReflectionFilter and VRayRawRefractionFilter render and bake elements;
(*) V-Ray: Enable the resuming of bucket renders from raw .vrimg files;
(*) V-Ray: Enable the resuming of progressive renders;
(*) V-Ray: Implementation of adaptive lights;
(*) V-Ray: Optimize GI rendering;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Enable usage as an interactive production renderer (IPR);
(*) V-Ray RT: Add support for adaptive lights;
(*) V-Ray RT: Enable "Set focus distance" in the VFB for the selected camera;
(*) V-Ray RT: Object picking in VFB;
(*) V-Ray RT: Support for direct output to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Add "Low GPU thread priority" option;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Add support for VRayAtmosphere render element;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Aerial Perspective support;
(*) V-Ray GPU: All supported procedural textures to work for bump maps, when used through VRayColor2Bump texture;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Better handling of geometry and materials updates during ActiveShade;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Distortion support for physical camera;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed differences in lighting between V-Ray RT CPU and GPU;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Fixed differences in texture blending between V-Ray RT CPU and GPU;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Implement ground projection of VRayHDRI;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Implement support for Forest Color texture;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Implement support for Render mask;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Initial implementation for on-demand mip-map texture in production rendering mode;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Less CPU memory usage when rendering scenes with many textures;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Less GPU memory usage when rendering scenes with many textures;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for "Mapped", "Linear" and "4 corners" Gradient types in Gradient Ramp texture;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for Irradiance Map from file;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for VRayRenderID, VRayObjectID and VRayMtlID render elements;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for adaptive lights in CUDA (both in production and in ActiveShade);
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for additive mode of the VRayBlendMtl;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for matte materials shadow catcher;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for the VRayStochasticFlakesMtl material;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for the planar VRayClipper;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for transparency for the layers of the VRayBlendMtl;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for velocity render element;
(*) VFB: Implement hardware acceleration support for lens effects;
(*) VFB: Lens effects can be enabled and adjusted during rendering;
(*) VFB: Lens effects work on the denoised result if a denoiser render element is present;
(*) VRayALSurfaceMtl: Include alSurface shader port for V-Ray in the installation;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Initial support for VRayMDLMtl in V-Ray RT;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Integrate support for NVIDIA MDL;
(*) VRayMtl: Implement "Glossy Fresnel" option;
(*) VRayProxy: Support for user property tags in the proxy file name;
(*) VRayScannedMtl: Add ability to capture and render the back lighting;
(*) VRayScene: Implement scene node that supports rendering geometry and materials from a .vrscene file and settings override with another file;
(*) VRayToon: Ability to store the toon outlines in a separate render element;
(*) VRayVRmatMtl: Does not update on filename change in V-Ray RT;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Add a render preset for Maya Fluids vdb;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Support for Cap Mesh mode in V-Ray RT;
(*) V-Ray Toolbar: Add button to make selected objects shadow catchers;

Modified features:
(*) V-Ray: 3ds Max render effects should be applied when the "Stop" button is pressed in the render progress;
(*) V-Ray: Adaptive lights sampling improvement when the total lights are less than the Adaptive lights count;
(*) V-Ray: Bucket resuming writes its own .vrimg output if other output format is set;
(*) V-Ray: Enable adaptive lights by default;
(*) V-Ray: Faster 2d displacement on machines with many cores;
(*) V-Ray: Faster rendering of proxies on many-core machines;
(*) V-Ray: Improve the HDR images loading speed;
(*) V-Ray: Make "1" a possible value for Geometry samples in Render Setup;
(*) V-Ray: Remove limitation on parameters count for OSL and GLSL shaders;
(*) V-Ray: Restore the 3ds Max project folder after DR render;
(*) V-Ray: Rework post-effects pipeline to avoid Lens effects overriding the denoised image in particular;
(*) V-Ray: Right-click on parameters' spinners should reset them to the default values instead of zero for most of V-Ray plugins;
(*) V-Ray: The light grid for adaptive lights does not take specular light contributions into account;
(*) V-Ray: Move the VRayDenoiser "progressive update frequency" in the System rollout;
(*) V-Ray/V-Ray RT: The progressive sampler should finish the current pass when the given "Render time" is surpassed;
(*) V-Ray: Add control for panoramic pole merging for stereoscopic rendering (V-Ray RT MAXScript properties .top_merge_angle .bottom_merge_angle);
(*) V-Ray/V-Ray RT: Draw the alpha channel during the undersampling phase of the progressive sampling;
(*) V-Ray: Dome light minor speed optimization;
(*) V-Ray: Display warning when "View navigation" in ActiveShade is selected without looking through camera;
(*) V-Ray: Increase the tooltip display times in the render settings;
(*) V-Ray: Remove the interpolated reflections/refractions options;
(*) V-Ray: Set the default value for the dynamic noise threshold for the progressive sampler to 80;
(*) V-Ray: Use adequate precision for render elements (full/half precision) in OpenEXR files;
(*) V-Ray: When using a dome light, matte objects have visible outlines unless GI environment is overridden with zero;
(*) V-Ray: Bundle License Server with the installation instead of the vrlservice.exe;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Add MAXScript callback when IPR completes rendering;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Production IPR should fill the VFB and react to changes in the VFB size and changes to render resolution;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Production IPR should react to changes in the render region in the VFB;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Track changes to node properties both V-Ray and user during IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Track changes to the environment overrides in the render settings during IPR;
(*) V-Ray RT: ActiveShade should render with the current VFB resolution and should track changes to the VFB size;
(*) V-Ray RT: Add "Select object" and "Get object material" right-click options in the VFB;
(*) V-Ray RT: Add UI mode views switcher for V-Ray RT between Default and Advanced views;
(*) V-Ray RT: Allow irradiance map and light cache from saved file in ActiveShade;
(*) V-Ray RT: Apply resolution changes without restarting the rendering;
(*) V-Ray RT: Change mouse cursors for some of the right click modes during ActiveShade;
(*) V-Ray RT: Implement export of VRayToon;
(*) V-Ray RT: Implement the glossy Fresnel options;
(*) V-Ray RT: Improve random by render ID values generation for V-Ray RT and matched with VRayMultiSubTex;
(*) V-Ray RT: Make V-Ray RT to take the render state of the Laubwerk trees options, not the viewport;
(*) V-Ray RT: The "real zoom" feature is broken since beta 2;
(*) V-Ray RT: The IPR button in the VFB should work when V-Ray RT is the production renderer;
(*) V-Ray RT: VFB output file paths are not exported in .vrscene file;
(*) V-Ray RT: View navigation in ActiveShade VFB is too fast;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Ability to load precalculated Irradiance map GI cache files;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Add a warning when users have Adaptive Lights and Shadows RE enabled;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Changes on materials with baked texture to be updated quicker;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Faster rendering of materials with bump maps;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Faster rendering of rounded edges texture;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Faster rendering with Bitmap output curves;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Print the OpenCL Driver version in the log;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Print the message about not having OCL devices env var as a info, not warning;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Print warning when max sample level is set to 0;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Print warning when there is a render element that's not supported on the GPU;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Raise the number of rays per pixel when the number of active pixels is too low;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Solid reflective material getting alpha dropouts;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support VRayUserColor to be used for mapping channels;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for UVW coordinates type in VRaySamplerInfo render element;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support for the directionality attribute of the VRayLight in Plane mode;
(*) V-Ray GPU: Support the noise parameters for Gradient Ramp texture;
(*) VFB: Add a render stamp variable "noiseThreshold" for the reached noise threshold of the progressive sampler;
(*) VFB: Add command for VFB display control (vfbControl #show);
(*) VFB: Add toolbar button for copying the current channel to clipboard;
(*) VFB: Change the default values of the Lens Effects;
(*) VFB: Contrast curve should be applied in sRGB color space;
(*) VFB: Improve history images saving speed;
(*) VFB: Increase default VFB history maximum files count to 100 and the size on disk in MB to 10000;
(*) VFB: MAXScript commands to show/hide history and color corrections panels of the VFB;
(*) VFB: Move the history image compare buttons from the main toolbar to history toolbar;

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Modified features (continued):
(*) VFB: Move the history image compare buttons from the main toolbar to history toolbar;
(*) VFB: RGB button switches between RGB color and effectsResult channels;
(*) VFB: Show HSV values in the VFB pixel information window;
(*) VFB: Show a progress bar in the VFB during IPR session;
(*) VFB: The button for showing the messages log should bring the messages window to the front;
(*) VFB: White balance should be applied before exposure;
(*) VRayALSurfaceMtl: Support for "Raytraced SSS ID" V-Ray object property;
(*) VRayClipper: Optimize plane clipper with empty exclude lists;
(*) VRayDenoiser: A warning should be printed when the VFB is disabled;
(*) VRayDenoiser: Check the sampler settings before starting a render and warn if incompatible;
(*) VRayHDRI: Add a MAXScript parameter for axial rotation;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Add displacement support to MDL;
(*) VRayMDLMtl: Display texture parameters in MDL materials as file buttons;
(*) VRayMtl: Disabled by default the GI checkbox for self-illumination;
(*) VRayMtl: Make the GGX BRDF the default one and turn on glossy Fresnel by default;
(*) VRayMtl: Move the "reflect on back side" option in the reflection section of the Basic rollout;
(*) VRayMtl: The anisotropy controls should be disabled when the BRDF is set to Phong;
(*) VRayMtlReflectIORBake: Replace the "Store in fixed point format (rg.ba)" option with an "Invert value" one;
(*) VRayOSLMtl/VRayOSLTex: Enable support for multiple include paths in OSL;
(*) VRayOSLMtl/VRayOSLTex: Speed up the texture sampling in OSL;
(*) VRayProxy: Add rendering support for Mudbox exported .vrmeshes with Level-of-Detail;
(*) VRayProxy: Allow for the viewport preview to be overridden by another .vrmesh or Alembic file;
(*) VRayProxy: Interpolate geometry data for heterogeneous Alembic files with velocity channel;
(*) VRayProxy: Optimized the preview read and update for animated proxies;
(*) VRayScannedMtl: Add ability to render licensed materials (library licenses);
(*) VRayScannedMtl: Add support for Nitrous viewport preview;
(*) VRayScene: Override material with 3ds max native materials;
(*) VRayStereoscopic: Add new fragment merge mode, where fragments are merged by render ID and z-depth;
(*) VRayToon: Add an option to exclude an object in the V-Ray object properties;
(*) VRayTriplanarTex: The "blend" and "scale" parameters should be animatable;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: High-DPI support for the render curves and gradients;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Improve the motion blur for atmospherics;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Improve the velocity voxel preview;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Optimize rendering with emissive lights, Ray-Traced self-illumination and complex geometry;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Option to disable the "Optimizing Volumetrics" rendering pre-pass;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Respect the maxRenderThreads setting in V-Ray during rendering;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: Support V-Ray's per-object motion blur duration override;
(*) VRayVolumeGrid: When several points on diagram are selected, right click on one of them should affect all points;
(*) V-Ray Bitmap to VRayHDRI converter: Bitmaps in objects/modifiers/environment should be handled;
(*) vdenoise.exe: Add abort on OpenCL errors;
(*) vdenoise.exe: The noise level channel can also be named "VRayNoiseLevel";
(*) V-Ray Toolbar: Creating VRayFur from the toolbar button should select the newly created fur object;
(*) V-Ray scene converter: Added an option to convert only selected objects;
(*) V-Ray scene converter: Blend material to VRayBlendMtl conversion support for sub materials and textures;
(*) V-Ray scene converter: Convert Corona's native materials, textures and lights to V-Ray ones;
(*) .vrscene exporter: Renderer settings of V-Ray RT as production renderer are not exported;

Bug fixes:
(*) V-Ray: Crash on loading scene after rendering with time stamp;
(*) DR: "Failed to delete server scene file" DR warning appears but the file has been deleted successfully;
(*) V-Ray: "Tiled texture cache set" message is flooding the log when using Slate Material editor;
(*) V-Ray: Adaptive lights don't work with fly-through light cache;
(*) V-Ray: Artifacts with adaptive lights and VRayFastSSS2 material;
(*) V-Ray: Concatenated node user attributes on VRayProxy objects;
(*) V-Ray: Crash when modifying matte object material in IPR;
(*) V-Ray: Deep merge strategy set as "None" renders incorrectly with non-fully opaque objects;
(*) V-Ray: Different bump with bitmaps since 3.50.01;
(*) V-Ray: effectsResult channel is not saved with vrimg file from render setup;
(*) V-Ray: Environment map ghosting through objects when matte/shadow objects are in the scene;
(*) V-Ray: If there is no license available V-Ray crashes when rendering;
(*) V-Ray: Issue with finalToon and orthographic cameras;
(*) V-Ray: Noisy pixels not cleaned up by the progressive sampler;
(*) V-Ray: OSL preprocessor-only output is polluted with diagnostic messages;
(*) V-Ray: Random crashes after progressive rendering is finished;
(*) V-Ray: Remove the "(notUsed)" from the imageSampler_renderMask MAXScript properties;
(*) V-Ray: Render hangs when resuming with DR and distributed light cache;
(*) V-Ray: Rendering hangs at transforming vertices when there is a VRayVolumeGrid and many VRayLightMtl materials with "direct illumination" enabled;
(*) V-Ray: Resumable rendering with bucket sampling and post effects stops with an error after the first completed frame;
(*) V-Ray: Scene renders brighter when there is glass at the windows;
(*) V-Ray: Unwanted GI caustics with refractive materials with "affect shadows" enabled;
(*) V-Ray: Wrong viewport drawing of objects after rendering in 3ds Max 2017;
(*) V-Ray IPR: "Render mult" parameter of VRayHDRI is not working in IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Adding lights during IPR session produces wrong results when adaptive lights are enabled;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Changing properties of the VRayPhysicalCamera are not updated in IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash after using the V-Ray light lister during production IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when accessing the Material Editor during an ActiveShade session with "Clear cache on render end" is enabled;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when adjusting curves in VRayHDRI during IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when cloning a specific object during IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when creating VRayLight without dragging for setting the size during IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash when creating instances in a particular scene during IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash with IPR with VRayFastSSS2's object-based prepass;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Crash with XRef materials during IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Hiding and unhiding of nodes is not reflected in production IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: IPR crashes while painting with the VRayFurStyler;
(*) V-Ray IPR: IPR crashes with Hair and Fur on render stop;
(*) V-Ray IPR: IPR crashes with VRayExtraTex render element;
(*) V-Ray IPR: IPR crashes with VRayExtraTex render element;
(*) V-Ray IPR: IPR render from camera which has Skew modifier applied doesn't match production render;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Locked camera view is not respected in IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Making an object a shadow catcher from the V-Ray toolbar is not updated in IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Modifying VRayLight created in IPR as a Copy crashes 3ds Max;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Occasional crash with IPR related to texture shortcut buttons;
(*) V-Ray IPR: Unhandled exception with instanced objects during IPR;
(*) V-Ray IPR: VRayLightMtl intensity is not properly updating in IPR;
(*) V-Ray RT: "Static geometry" of VRayDisplacementMod is not exported;
(*) V-Ray RT: Composite texture with Output map on reflect and diffuse gives a different than production render result;
(*) V-Ray RT: Crash during ActiveShade with a scene with instanced VRayProxy;
(*) V-Ray RT: Crash when there are materials with very long names and special characters;
(*) V-Ray RT: Crash with Particle Flow and motion blur when sliding the time during ActiveShade session;
(*) V-Ray RT: Crash with time slider and motion blurred meshes;
(*) V-Ray RT: Effect ID of VRayMtl is not exported;
(*) V-Ray RT: Error when rendering RT DR with Max Frame buffer and Render Mask;
(*) V-Ray RT: Excessive progressive sampling AA filter memory consumption with ActiveShade rendering and render region;
(*) V-Ray RT: Exclude lists of VRayDirt don't work with HairFarm;
(*) V-Ray RT: Exporter doesn't resolve light cache file paths;
(*) V-Ray RT: Exporter is missing some of the VRayMtl and VRayFastSSS2Mtl features;
(*) V-Ray RT: Incorrect adaptive lights with production (non-ActiveShade) renders;
(*) V-Ray RT: Invalid geometric normal warnings with VRayLight and stereo cube camera;
(*) V-Ray RT: Isolating geometry in a scene with duplicating nodes names and handles produces WndProc error with out of process rendering;
(*) V-Ray RT: Light cache from map is not used in out of process rendering;
(*) V-Ray RT: Matte for refl/refr of VRayMtlWrapper has no effect;
(*) V-Ray RT: Mismatched Vertical Tilt correction compared to production renderer;
(*) V-Ray RT: Motion blur samples are not applied to animated VRayPhysicalCameras unless they are set locally;
(*) V-Ray RT: Noisy results with progressive sampler when Sub-pixel mapping is enabled;
(*) V-Ray RT: Not all supported image filters are exported;
(*) V-Ray RT: Not exported opacity texture correctly if names are the same with other textures;
(*) V-Ray RT: Not located alembic proxies with local paths;
(*) V-Ray RT: Not updating the IFL sequences properly during time slider change;
(*) V-Ray RT: Not updating the IFL sequences properly during time slider change;
(*) V-Ray RT: Skew modifier on Standard cameras is ignored;
(*) V-Ray RT: Some scenes with multiple MDL materials fail to export;
(*) V-Ray RT: There is no motion blur on VRayFur when applied to a geometry with a modifier;

for the complete list, please consult the changelog.

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13 minutes ago, lolonic said:

Les vieux clips de Nico, ça fait encore plus rêver que la perspective qui nous attend d'ici 75 jours... 

Bah oui, on vend du rêve avec Musubi San (tu m'expliqueras demain ce pseudo d'ailleurs) :D

Pendant quelques secondes, je pensais perspective 3d avant de capter ... il faut que je me casse, après 11 heures passées à l'agence, il est grand temps ! 

Bye !


PS: demain soir, putain de scoop si tout va bien !!!!!!

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