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Found 6 results

  1. 3ds Max Virus Problem

    Hi everyone, We have just added support for the 3ds Max virus everyone is getting. This is a free tool and not a sales pitch. Watch the video for more information. for more info on this ... disappear-or-sccm-deleted.html Thanks SiNi_Si SiNi Software
  2. SiNi ToolTip #03 - Cleanup BIM models SiNi ToolTip #03 - Cleanup BIM models imported into 3ds Max scenes using SiNi Software plugins Sculpt and Forensic for Autodesk 3ds Max. In this Tooltip, Simon (Si) discusses how to fix BIM models in Autodesk 3ds Max scenes using Sculpt & Forensic. (Forensic versions - free and IgNite)
  3. SiNi ToolTip #02 - Cleanup CAD Drawings SiNi ToolTip #02 - Cleanup CAD drawings imported into 3ds Max scenes using SiNi Software plugins Scribe and Forensic. In this Tooltip, Simon (Si) discusses how to fix CAD drawings in 3ds Max scenes using Scribe & Forensic. (Forensic versions - free and IgNite)
  4. SiNi ToolTip # 01 - Clean up a bloated 3ds Max scene In the tooltip, If discusses how to fix 3ds bloated Max scenes using Forensic (free and IgNite version 1.09) A scene may become bloated if it contains Note Tracks and Motion Clips. To remove them use the latest update to Forensic. This will dramatically reduce the scene size. Thanks to Recent Spaces for contacting the problematic 3ds Max file. To get free forensic go to
  5. Hi Everyone, Take a look at our new Spline tools for 3ds Max 2014-2018. We have some big changes like, dotted lines, outline arrays, find and repair overlapping splines and many more. We have also added to ability to maxscript any of the C++ functions from your own maxscript. Watch the Youtube Scribe video
  6. Maxscript extension plugin

    Hi Everyone, We have added a new plugin to enhance the IgNite tools set. SiNiScript is a useful and easy to use gateway into adding our C++ functions into your existing maxscript pipeline. SiNiScript also include over 90 maxscripts sample scripts to make your transition a seamless process. Thanks, for more information please goto